Auction process

Once an auction has been created and approved by, users can bid on the auction within the selected duration of the auction. Possibly using Buy Now if the seller has arranged for this.

If a bid matches the minimum price, is above the minimum price when the auction is ended or Buy Now is utilized, the auction will be deemed to have been won by the purchaser. All bids and use of Buy Now are legally binding.

If the auction does not have a winning bid, the auction will be ended when the auction duration has been reached. It is not possible to extend the auction. If the seller desires to run the auction again, a new auction must be created.

One the auction has been ended, the purchaser will receive an E-mail in which a link must be clicked on to confirm the invoicing address. will send out invoices for the purchase sum and brokering fee to purchasers during the course of 1-2 working days . Invoices will be sent by E-mail and have a 7-day payment deadline. The purchase sum will be deposited in the client account of until the purchaser has received the item.

When the invoice has been paid, the seller will be notified by E-mail, and the seller will subsequently send the item. Once the item has been sent, the seller will mark the object as having been sent and the purchaser will be notified. The purchaser then has 14 to receive and examine the object. After 14 days, the transaction will automatically be deemed to have been completed and the purchase sum less the commission is disbursed to the seller.

If the object has not been received within 14 days or if the purchaser is of the opinion that the object does not accord with the expectations, then the purchaser must contact as quickly as possible - and at the latest within 14 days from when the object was sent. With respect to general user terms and conditions. will then continue to hold the purchase sum until the dispute has been resolved.

In the event of a physical handover or for the sale of complex objects that require a longer shipping time, the seller or purchaser may contact at [email protected] in order to arrange for this.