Climate documentation & ESG reporting


Climate documentation & ESG reporting provides climate documentation per transaction, which buyers and sellers can use in their own documentation of their contribution to
sustainable operation, and increasingly stringent requirements and expectations from national authorities and the global community.

A relevant method for quantifying effects, CO2 equivalents or others, is the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).
LCA follows ISO standards (for example ISO14044)
The documentation must, of course, add value for our customers, but should also be in line with requirements for environmental reporting that are becoming increasingly relevant.

Industrial ecology is complex, and different standards are used, but it is very important for us to commit to what works best for reporting in line with the EU's taxonomy and ESG reporting system.

For larger clients of, it will be important to have values they can use in the ESG report they send to the auditor

"We pledge to support positive change for the planet and to be honest when sharing information on environmental actions"

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