Privacy policy


v. 13.08.19


When you use you are granting us access to information about you. Here, you can read about precisely what information we collect, how we do this , and what we use it for.

Personal data is information that can be connected to a person, for example personal details, E-mail address, telephone number, IP address, etc. Information about how you use, for example which advertisements you have viewed, saved as favorites, entered bids on, etc., is also deemed to be personal data. is the data controller for the handling of personal data that is collected in the use of our services. We follow the Norwegian Personal Data Act, including the GDPR Regulation, when we process your personal data.


Information that you yourself provide

  • Information you provide when you register yourself as a user at, or enter information in advertisements and forms
  • Payment information
  • Messages you send via
  • Discussions and other responses you make through the service
  • Marketing authorizations

Information we collect about your use of the service

  • What technology you are using (cell phone, tablet PC, computer), which browser you are using, your IP address, net operator, etc.
  • What you do, including the advertisements you view, bid on, save as a favorite, forward, etc.
  • Where you are located, this information is stored based on your IP address, or GPS position based upon whether you have accepted location sharing.

We also collect information from other publicly available services and registers.


We are always doing out utmost to provide you with a good user experience at The information we store about you is used to adjust and further develop our services, as well as to save you time by automatically logging in and filling out forms beforehand.

Deliver the services you expect of us

We are dependent upon your information to deliver services in line with the user agreement, including handling of the auction advertisement, practical communications associated with purchases/sales, settlement of objects via the platform, etc.

understand the market and marketing

We also use your personal data to send out newsletters and other marketing material, but only if you have consented to this when registering.
For us to be able to send you an E-mail, you will need to register an E-mail address.

Newsletters will be sent out via Mailchimp. Your E-mail address will be stored in a separate database, and will not be shared with others and will be deleted when you terminate the subscription.

The E-mail address will also be deleted if we receive a return notification that it is not active.

Anonymized personal data may however be used for developing and analyzing the service.

Create a secure and effective marketplace

We use a number of types of data in order to recognize breaches of rules and attempted frauds. If we suspect or detect undesired or criminal behavior with the use of our services, we will follow up upon this directly and possibly report the situation if we find grounds to do so.

Different forms

The Web site can have forms for registering, contact or other forms. These forms are available to the public in order to perform those tasks that they are intended to address.

The registration form is for visitors to be able to sign up or register themselves.

The contact form is for visitors to easily be able to send a message to the Web site's contact person. We then request the name of the submitter and contact information for such. Personal data that we receive will not be used for purposes other than to reply to the message. The form will be sent as an E-mail via Mailgun as a third-party solution. The entire inquiry will be store at Mailgun for 24 hours. For between 24 hours and 30 days it is only the E-mail header that is stored before the submission is deleted after 30 days. The reason for storing it is to confirm whether E-mails are being sent from the Web site and forwarded to the proper recipient. One the E-mail has been received it is then up to the recipient to determine the data processing need for the E-mail.


We do not share information with others unless it expressly appears in this declaration, is especially agreed upon with you or follows from applicable legislation.

We will share your information with the Purchaser/Seller in order to be able to complete the auction transaction at But not to an extent greater than is necessary in order to carry out the transaction. uses subcontractors (‘Data Processors’) that process personal data on our behalf and will only share your personal data with third parties if such are delivering services involving operation, maintenance and other technical solutions for the service. In order to secure your rights, we have entered onto data processor agreements with them that among other things stipulate that your personal data cannot can be used for purposes other than what we have agreed upon with you.

Our use of data processors will be able to involve your personal data being transmitted to data processors that are located in countries outside the EU/EEA. This involves personal data being able to be transferred to countries with a regulatory code that do not provide the same degree of protection for personal data as the rules in Norway. In order to secure your personal protection, such transfers will only occur with respect to the personal protection legislation in effect at the relevant point in time, for example via contractual arrangements approved under the GDPR.

The data processors cannot use your personal data for purposes other than on the basis established beforehand by We have a responsibility for the data processors also processing your personal data in line with this data protection declaration and code of regulations in general.

In every instance of a company law restructuring, your personal data will be shared with another company that will be a part of the restructuring.

The "Share with others" function may be used to forward links for the Web site by E-mail, or to share the content on social media. Information concerning heads-up tips are not logged with us, but only used there and then for entering the tip on the social media. We cannot however guarantee that the social media platform does not log this information. All such services must hence be used with some sense. If you are using the E-mail function, we will only use the given E-mail address to forward the message without any form of storage.

We will be able to share your personal data with governmental authorities if suspect or detect a violation of the law in the use of our service. We will also share personal data that the Norwegian Tax Administration, Norwegian Customs, the Police and the Norwegian Food Safety Authority can require be submitted in some instances.


We use "cookies". Storage of data and information capsules means that different types if data are stored locally on your unit via the web browser. Examples of such cookies are user settings, a log of your visits to and which browser you are using.

Read more about our use of cookies by following this link.


We do not store your personal data for longer and to an extent greater than what is necessary to fulfill the purpose of the processing unless it is a legally mandated (for example through the Norwegian Accounting Act). We have comprehensive procedures for deleting and anonymizing personal data. You yourself can also request that your information be deleted.

Your personal data as long as you have an active user at In the case of inactivity, the information will be stored for two – 2 – years before deletion.

If you request that your user profile be deleted, we will remove personal data from your profile and delete your copy of messages you have exchanged with other users of the service. Note that the recipients of the messages will still retain their copy. Due to considerations involving possible disputes, the personal data will be available in our administrative systems for a time before it is permanently deleted.

  1. MEASURES TO ADDRESS THE SECURITY OF YOUR PERSONAL DATA is highly focused on not having unauthorized parties gaining access to your personal data. Hence we employ a number of forms of security techniques that provide good protection against unauthorized access and abuse of your personal data. has also established interne procedures to secure your personal data protection.


You have rights for personal data that involves you. Precisely which right you have depends upon the circumstances. As a user of the service, you have, with certain reservations, a right to:

Access: Access to what personal data we have recorded about you.

Correction/deletion: Demand correction or supplementation of erroneous or deficient information, as well as to request that we delete your personal data. We will to as great an extent as possible accommodate a request for deletion. We make reservations however for causes for not deleting the personal data if weighty grounds argue for not deleting it, or if we are we are obligated pursuant to Norwegian or international law to store the information.

Revoking consent: In full or in part as well as demanding that we limit the processing of your personal data.

Data portability: Receive personal data given to, and transfer such to another data controller if you desire it and it is technically possible and justifiable.

Be kept oriented in the event of a security breach if there is a high risk that the breach could lead to dissemination or loss of your personal data.

Complaints to the supervisory authority


We will be able to make changes in this data protection declaration. You will always find the most recent version on our Web site, and we encourage you to periodically familiarize yourself with its contents.


If you have questions concerning the content of the data protection declaration, concerning your rights or desire to contact us due to other reasons, you are welcome to contact us at [email protected].