How to sell on

Create a user

In order to buy and sell at, you must create a user. Click here to create a user.

Then fill out the form with your personal details, E-mail and password. Your E-mail address is not visible to other users.

User types

You can choose between three different types of users: private person, agricultural user and company. Agricultural users must fill out the business registration number and name of their farm. Companies must fill out the business registration number and name of their company.

You yourself are responsible for selecting the correct user type. If you are operating a farm/company and the objects being sold are associated with the farm/company, then you must make sure to register the correct user type.

Activate the account

Once you have created a user, you will receive an activation link via E-mail. You must click on this link before you login for the first time. Please check your trash/spam folder if the E-mail dies not arrive in your inbox. Please contact us at [email protected] or Facebook Messenger if the E-mail has not been received after 15 minutes.

My page

On "My account" an overview can be found of your auctions: auctions you have won, bookmarked auctions and messages. Furthermore, you can change your user profile and invoicing address.

Create an auction

In order to create an auction, click on "Add an auction" in the top menu or click here. Creating an auction is free. Our policy is: no sale - no cost.


Title is what users will see together with the picture, current offer and time the auction ends before they click on the auction. It is important that the title be short and descriptive. The title could preferably include the brand and model name. An examples of a good title is John Deere 5125R.

Brief description and description of the object

The brief description is the first thing that is displayed when users click on the auction. The brief description will be highlighted and preferably could be a persuasive and short summary of the auction. The description of the object is a more in-depth description, and it is important here that all necessary information about the object be included (with any possible faults and deficiencies).

Main picture and photo gallery

The main picture is the picture that is shown in archives, search results and as the first picture at the auction itself. It is important that this picture show the object in a good and descriptive manner.

In many cases it is appropriate to add more photos. These can added to the photo gallery when you create an auction. Users can then browse through these pictures when they are looking at the auction.


Category enables the object being added to appear in relevant searches and displays. It is important to ensure that the correct category is selected.


Condition allows the seller to choose whether the object is new or used. If the object encompasses both new and used equipment, it is recommended that the condition be selected for the primary object and further information be given description of object.

Year of the model

If the year of the model is relevant for the object, this can be filled in for the "year of the model" field when creating the object.

Duration of the auction

The duration of the auction concerns how long an auction will be open for bids. The duration of the auction can be 7, 14 or 30 days.

Starting price

Starting price is the price which it is desired that the auction be published with.

Min. bid increment

Min. bid increment lets the seller determine their own minimum amount for increased bids. If no minimum amount is selected for bid increases, then NOK 500.00 will be used.

Minimum price

The minimum price is the lowest price the seller will accept for the object. The minimum price is not visible to other users. If no minimum price is set, the starting price will be the minimum price for the object.

Buy Now price

The Buy Now price is a fixed price can be offered besides a bid. In other words a bidder can choose whether they wish to bid or purchase at the Buy Now price.


VAT must be established. Sellers are themselves responsible for setting whether an object is VAT-free or whether VAT is incurred.


Sellers can choose whether shipping is included or whether this is additional.

Highlighted auction

A highlighted auction is a supplemental service where the seller can pay for extra visibility. The auction will then be displayed on the front page at A random selection of highlighted auctions are loaded with each page view.


After the seller has created an auction, it will be submitted to for review. Once the auction has been approved, the seller will be notified by E-mail. The seller can then also see the status of the auction on their My page.

Current bid

The current bid is the highest registered bid. If during the last hour of the auction a new highest bid is received, then the bidding period will be extended by 15 minutes.

Bid log

An anonymized bid log is displayed for all auctions. A complete bid log will be disclosed upon request.


Users may submit questions associated with an auction and communicate with the seller via messages. Sellers are advised of such via notifications and E-mail. Messages can be viewed and responded to from "My page". To start a dialog with a seller, press "Send a message" in the relevant auction.

Auction process encourages sellers to acquaint themselves in detail with the course of events in an auction before creating an auction. Click here to read more about the auction process.