Secure transactions

Transactions must be experiences as being secure for the purchaser and seller at Hence we have prepared procedures to ensure secure transactions for both parties.

Secure for sellers

Sellers are secured by the item not being sent before the purchaser has paid into the settlement account of

Secure for purchasers

Purchasers are secured by the money not being disbursed from the settlement account before the item has been received and approved.

Bid log will be a transparent actor during the entire auction process. Anonymized bid logs will hence be displayed for all auctions and complete bid logs will be shared upon request.

Legal assistance for disputes

As a user of you are granted access to professional legal assistance from Pretor Advokat AS at discounted rates with respect to the following overview:

1. Legal services are offered based upon a maximum hourly price of NOK 1,800 per hour excl. VAT. Pretor Advokat AS will cover all professional fields of law.

2. A total of 30 minutes of free telephone consultation will be offered for each individual case – the purpose of the consultation is to clarify the disputes and whether there is a need for further legal assistance.

3. All inquiries will be confirmed as having been received with an initial response within 24 hours after an E-mail to Lawyer Thomas Lidal Jamne.

4. Reservations are made in that an ordinary conflict search will be undertaken in order to prevent conflicts of interest with respect to counterparties and/or clients.

Remember to mark your inquiry – possibly refer to the agreement when inquiring by telephone.

Lawyer Thomas Lidal Jamne
P.O. Box 1734, N-7416 Trondheim
E-mail: [email protected] – tel..: 920 96 412 / 73 87 81 00..